About Us

The Oysters

Founded on the principles of club rugby, Sydney Harbour Rugby Club (The Oysters) aim to achieve this through the key pillars of a suburban rugby club, including; positive rugby, mateship, inclusiveness, community and last but not least enjoyment. By keeping what's great about rugby (mateship, winning, sociability) and removing what's not (long training, politics, early games) The Oysters train just a single session a week, followed by dinner and beverages every Thursday, followed by a 3:15pm game every Saturday.  The Oysters create a unique rugby environment and welcome new players from all backgrounds down to Ruschcutters bay. 


Oysters Rugby has been formed through bringing together rugby players of all skill levels. This includes players coming out of retirement, players moving from premier rugby, social rugby clubs and a number of international players joining the club. This diversity, mixed with the drive for a common cause has created a unique player led experience, which has resulted in plenty of enjoyment and success to date. Most notably winning our inaugural Jeffrey cup and being awarded “Club of the year 2020” in our division.  


Rushcutters Bay has become a home for The Oysters, we also know this is a home for many other Sydneysiders. We encourage and promote friends, family and the wider community to come and experience a Saturday with The Oysters.