Week 8: Trust Pink, Forget Steynes

Week 8: Trust Pink, Forget Steynes

Greetings one and all we hope you enjoyed your Kings birthday week off whether it were enjoyed in Bali or Bumbaldry. Fresh from the break the oysties returned to Lyne park eager to rip into training before our big bus to Manly. Somewhat of a surprise this week saw assistant coaches ZoZo and Lenny on the field and barking orders - to the dismay of some and the amusement of others. After a delightful variation on the quattro and a sherbet or two we turned our attention to The Ferry Cup, an aquatic battle of mate vs mate, north vs south, with a nod to the ancient liferafts which were once cancelled but recommissioned to transit those from north of the bridge to the south, from the corso to the quay. As Saturday ( a rugby day) rolled around, for once the team was early to arrive at the bus stop, however our Plan B chariot was not. Never fear coz Big Bus Brett was here and maneuvered us over to Kierle park with perfection
Exhibit A: Winger J Hindle striding away from the Manly fullback

Match Report 

As the sun hit the top of El President’s dome and the bus had not arrived at Lyne Park by 1pm, it was clear that today’s game was going to be a bit of funny one, that of the character of the jokester that is Toby Honig is, with booking the bus for 1:30pm without telling anyone.

The oysters where buoyed by some late inclusions, with Gareth aka Gaz starting at the hooker position and having an absolute cracking game at such short notice. The Oysters and Manly Savers have a storied history, with many a tight tussle and in the early stages of the game, it looked as if it could’ve been another tight grinding affair, with both teams scoring within quick time of each other.

Exhibit B: Second Rower Z.Norgard dropping the shoulder

As the game continued, the oysters boys had some good hard runs by Sef Lomi on his starting debut, Tom Mencinsky and Zac Norgard to set the platform to run in a couple of tries to Chicky Sykiotis and the birthday boy himself Georgie Hudd before the half time break, to lead 24-7.

At half time it was a simple message, to enjoy the game, take a breath and play the our structures. The Oysters came out raring to go and put on a dominant display in the second half with players player Gary Crowe burning the savers defence to score a try from approximately 50m out, which was special. However, the two coaches standouts in the second half had to be - Chris Baker and his ability to set alight the attack and Co-Club Captain, Ryan Campbell (he has paid me to put this in) scoring a goose step – fend try that he scored late in the second half and my word, didn’t we hear all about it after the game, at the pub and on the bus, well Ryano – I’ll take that payment at training mate.

Exhibit C: French Recruit JB.Etienne weaving his way through Manly's defense

All in all, it was a great hit out for the oysters, against a classy opposition and we always appreciate the hospitality after the game and back at The Steyne, this something that we appreciate with the Savers making a huge effort to stick around and support our sponsors, so we cannot thankyou enough by showing us the generous hospitality back at The Steyne.

On to next week.

Exhibit D: Fullback K.Sykiotis carving his way through the oppositions

After match reflections
After a solid win the lads hit the showers, one Harry Tate insisting he doth not need one despite 5mins of intensity off the bench to close things out. After being hoist into the shower and doused in Lynx Africa, he then joined the rest of us for a super quick boat race which we infact won! It must be made known we are having the best boat race season to date, with at least 1 win under our belt! Kudos to the debutsmen Andre Rieu Agassi Bezendenhout aka “Bez” for compressing his Tooheys can and vacuuming the golden nectar down his gullet faster than the flushing and dispelling of an aeroplane toilet. He was not so ably joined by JB and Norcookie. Anywho we piled onto the bus and began the Big Bus festivities for George’s 30th! Happy birthday George. A delightful pit stop at The Steyne ensued, where Oysters and Savers alike gathered around the gentlemen's bar to chew the fat and yell at the Brumbies for failing to execute their rolling maul resulting in a loss to Waikato. Big ups to The Steyne for reserving a tap for Tooheys Old, it seems this delicacy is becoming a rare sight in Sydney pubs these days. And a big thanks to Savers for the exquisite appetisers of pizza and chicken wings. After popping into Copenhagen ice cream on the corso and Tommy Bahama’s for a fresh floral we re-boarded the bus, destination REEF. Brett hit the gas and the party began, some outstanding renditions of Shania Twain and Jellystone National Parks prodigal bear. It truly was magical.

Now there are 3 certainties in life - saturday is a rugby day, big oyster bus trips and JBE wanting some BBR. The frenchman was ecstatic to have returned to Australia after a frog leg surveying pilgrimage with his paternal great uncle in Corsica. It was time to make up for lost time and cut a few shapes better than any Chicken Crimpy you’ve ever seen. And that he did! But not before a few words with one Bernie Ouncer were lost in translation and made for a bit of hiss hoss who’s the boss. But order was restored, George was 30 and a big turnout made for a marvelous evening. For those reading please collect your game day bags from Wednesday’s training, the sheds will be smelling like a morgue but it was all worth it! We are after all Sydney’s No.1 social club.

Exhibit E: Flanker T.Mencinsky with ball in hand

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