We’re Back In The Winners Circle

We’re Back In The Winners Circle

To all our readers young and old, we’re BACK in your inbox for another edition of the Circular and we’re coming to you live onboard a ship we call ‘P&O Victorious’. Yes it’s been a wet yet rewarding week for us crustaceans under the sea, so put the kettle on, slide your feet into some sheepskin slippers and grab a dark chocolate coated digestive biscuit and tuck into the Circular with your favourite footy club.

It had been exactly 16 days since ‘the game that shall not be named’ and let’s just say the mood on The Reef at Wednesday night's training was apprehensive. We’d heard stories from those who’ve played under Coach Wiv before of the man’s ability to give an almighty spray that could rival the salt winds that flow over the Cliffs of Moher. And with a nauseating loss weighing us down, the Oysters trudged to training ready to cop a proverbial spanking and a few deserved licks.

Exhibit A: Second Row N.Clifton finding space on the edge

As the Oysters gathered in the centre of Lynne Park on Wednesday it was clear that many of us should've packed a Gore Tex jacket, such was the verbal lashing we received for our efforts against Beecroft. Not only did Wiv fire some loud shots across the bow, it was almost poetic the way the skies opened and even Zeus himself decided to join in and spray us with a downpour. After chewing on our cold bowl of disappointment porridge and pulling our socks up to attention, we gathered in a collective huddle to pledge ourselves towards putting together of the great training sessions in Oysters history.

Now Coach Wiv is creative. And when it comes to dishing out some cardiovascular pain let’s just say his drills and ability to flog our fishtails across the park could be likened to the obstacle courses seen on early seasons of The Biggest Loser. With the shouting ability of Shannan Ponton and the wicked smile of Michelle Bridges, Wiv had us running, tackling, running, barging, sprinting, jogging and burpeeing up and down, up and down like a dunny seat. And some of the Oysters probably need to put their heads in one afterwards too. But as the rain came down hard and our boots filled with mud, our thirst for redemption only grew stronger, and our eyes turned to this up and coming clash with Knox Rugby.

Exhibit B: K.Sykiotis on his way to setting up the NSW Subbies Try of the Week

Now a new comp this year means we’re spending far less time on the M5 and M4 motorways, and becoming quite acquainted with the Pacific Highway and the leafy suburbs of Northern Sydney. Of course it’s environmentally more responsible to take cars off the road on a Saturday, and bond together on the Princess Oyster Cruise Liner, so at 1pm on Saturday we gathered at Lynne Park, tapped our Opal Oyster cards and started the bus ride to Killara Rugby Club. Now we were a little short of bums on seats this week, but less heads means more legroom and every Oyster got a chance to live like a king on dual plastic seats. Luxury. Absolute luxury. And as we bonded over the Chooks loss to the Dragons, a few yarns from Magic Round and our predictions for the future naming of Origin teams, our ride to the North was unusually drama free, the driver even knew where to go!


After some much needed soul searching after being comprehensively beaten by Beecroft a fortnight ago, the oysters took on Knox Rugby Club at Lofberg Oval. The oysters prepared well through the week under what can only be described as monsoon type weather conditions.

From the get go, Knox played up tempo, direct running rugby which saw them dominate the possession early to score two well worked tries. The coaching team where pleased to see a response to hit back with continuous phase play to pressure the Knox team’s line, to see Kosta Sykiotis slide over to open the account for the oysters. The first half became a seesawing affair with back and forth play, with both teams crossing before half time to have Knox lead 17-14 at the break.

 Exhibit C: Flyhalf J.Garrels eyeing up the Knox defense

The second half started much like the back end of the second with some tough defence by both teams and some end to end football, hard working Chris baker was rewarded for his tireless efforts by scoring his second try for the day, with the oysters version of Sonny Bill William’s, Nicholas Stubbs going over twice in the space of fifteen minutes to give the oysters a buffer leading into the final fifteen minutes, where the bench was emptied. The oysters finished with a 33-27 win over the Knox team, with some stand out performers this week being Chris Baker, Sam Brennan, James Read and ever reliable Will Evans, who most certainly scored the try of the seasons, regardless of what the official saw, we will give it to him.

Onto Old Iggies next week.


Saturday 27th May

  • Oysters vs Old Ignatians at Ryde Park 

Saturday 3rd June

  • SPONSORS DAY! Oysters vs Sydney Harlequins at Woollahra #1

Saturday 10th June

  • Bye Round


  • Ladies Day 22nd July at Woollahra #1


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