Week 2 - Oysters Sail North for ANZAC Special

The Oysters Sail North for an ANZAC Special

To all our beloved sponsors, parents, friends, supporters, doctor, sports physiotherapist, team psychologist, coach, bus driver, bus driver’s female friend and the three eshayyy lads from Warringah… WE’RE BACK for the Second Oysters Circular of 2021.


It was the eve of ANZAC Day, Saturday 24th April and 35+ hungry, thirsty and noble Oysters stood at attention at the Lord Dudley Hotel. The sky was blue, the air favourable and a glint of glory glimmered in the eyes of the seafood men. For this day was no regular Saturday, today marked 169 years since a harbour ferry first made the treacherous voyage north from Sydney to Manly, and the Oysters had one very prestigious Ferry Cup to play for.


Exhibit A: Bring ‘im down Dormsy


Now Glad Bag-Berejiklian has done many great things for this beautiful sky blue state (Like giving me Covid-19 vouchers to pay for my Golden Bowl dinner) however alcohol reform on water based transport is not one of them, so rather than board a Double Bay Dingy to cross the waters, upon a bus we boarded for the journey over the coat hanger. And it was here that we met our first character of the day, Jimmy. Jimmy the Bus Driver.


Exhibit B: He’s got PACE… REAL PACE


Exhibit C: Didn’t you hear me!! REAL PACE


Never have the Oysters been so divided about the quality of a man’s character, than when it comes to Jimmy “The Busie”. A rogue individual with complete disregard for 2021 sensitivities, Jimmy had clearly spent many a winter knocking back Keith Bourbon’s n’ coke and slapping the Brickies laptop at the Mascot VIP lounge. Such was his laid back casual demeanour, he himself had decided it was “Bring your Wife/Casual partner/Neighbour To Work Day” and after a quick pit stop at Edgecliff train station (of which we are still unsure whether we paid for) we said our fond farewell to his lady friend and continued north to Tony Abbot’s backyard.


Now Jimmy wasn’t your regular “licensed” bus driver, in fact we’re not sure smoking darts, wearing one thong and driving with the doors open meets the safety regulations of the 2013 Road Transport Act of New South Wales. But an Oyster fights sea spray with sea spray, and bravely offered up two of the dribblest dribblers on the team (TT and The Dribbler) to sit up the front of the bus to combat Jimmy’s insatiable thirst for spinning incoherent yarns. It was clear by Neutral Bay even TT and Dribs were way out of their depth, such was the Mariana Trench of deep and dark dribble blubbering from the corners of Jimmy’s mouth. It’s believed at one stage TT borrowed a single AirPod from Lorang to shield himself from the buckets of slobber cascading from the lips of a bus driver with little regard for traffic lights or pedestrians. Twas a miracle indeed we landed safely on the shores of Keirle Park.


Exhibit D: Mr Harrison Williams, Ladies & Gents


Coach’s Corner


Round 2 saw the Oysters venture north across the harbor for an eagerly anticipated match up against The Manly Savers. Both teams had gone undefeated in 2020, on route to winning their respective division 5 premierships, and we knew this would be the toughest challenge yet in our young clubs history. The buzz pre-game was electric and I could tell the guys were raring to go from their focus and attitude in the warm up.


Exhibit E: Campo learning a thing or two from Boonie


We had a dream start as Harry Williams, running hard mid field off a lineout, busted through the defensive line. Looking far too comfortable in open space H Willy stepped the full back, buying himself enough time to find the evergreen Harri Greville in support, who raced away to score under the posts. The team knew how crucial it was to suffocate Manly early and our forward pack really led the way in this regard. Guys were working hard around the corner and lead runners were playing really direct to the advantage line. Hugh Morgan was particularly dangerous & showed a real diversity to his game. Morgs could either be found running over opposition defenders or offering delicate tip on passes to his backrower mates flat at the line. This sort of play was opening up holes around the edges and Lachy Argiris ultimately benefited, receiving a nice inside ball to go through under the posts untouched.


Not to be outdone, the backs were also playing out of their skin. Seamus Frost had a moment of brutal brilliance, running through four different defenders on a long run down the left hand touch line. His center partner Nick Stubbs was also continuing his good form from last week, constantly bending the line and setting guys up outside of him. We dominated possession & field position for much of the first half and this showed on the scoreboard as we built a solid lead. Unfortunately a string of penalties and yellow cards towards the end of the first half saw us get frustrated and allow Manly back into the game. To their credit they executed a nice set piece play off a lineout which saw their 12 go under from a switch. We led at halftime 33-12.


Exhibit F: Touch Down Baby


We spoke about the need to remain focused on our own game, as well as being patient in attack as we worked through the phases. The guys really responded to the challenge in the second half, especially in defense, getting up quickly off the line and communicating well to each other in order to shut down any Manly attack. Angus McClelland & Sam Brennan were constantly up for the physical stuff and showed strong leadership throughout the game. I also thought Sam Wood was fantastic in his first crack at the 10 jersey. Woody underplayed his hand perfectly and controlled the team nicely throughout the match. He combined well with Roy Harrison at halfback whose expert feel of the game was constantly evident. Roy’s decision making was critical and he always picked his moments to impact the game. His capped off his good work by scooping up an overthrown lineout before setting up Nick Stubbs for the final try.


Exhibit G: This is why WE FIGHT… Inaugural Ferry Cup © WINNERS


Overall it was immensely pleasing to secure the inaugural Ferry Cup in clinical fashion. We look to continue the momentum next week against Canterbury.


Coach Boone



Exhibit H: “How YOU Doin”


ANZAC DAY, Sunday 25th April, 2021. Many would argue the most important day in any Australian and Kiwi calendar. And it was time for the Oysters to give back to a country we love so much. As other Sydney Rugby clubs stumbled home from their booze soaked night, 5am signalled a march of a different kind as the proud Oysters made their way to the legendary Fortune of War hotel at The Rocks. There is some beautiful unity in the story of Sydney’s youngest Rugby Club venturing to Sydney’s oldest pub on a day of such significance. And acknowledged the day we did.


Blearly eyed, yet bushy tailed, the Oysters were awake before dawn setting up a BBQ for the ages. In a genius marketing initiative, $7 Bacon & Egg rolls were quickly sold for a Blue Swimmer, as veterans, rocks patrons, and friends enjoyed the three-hatted chef approved breakfast of champions. Special mention to the lucrative tactics of one Mack Bowman, whose ``HANDS-ON, GLOVES-OFF” approach was greatly appreciated by the Covid suspicious. (We’re very sorry Karen, he promises not to stick his fingers in your bacon next year). We were on a charge to make as much money as possible, not for our own pockets, but for the charitable cause of Legacy. In total, our legendary hotplate skills raised a total of $600 for a cause worthy of every dollar.


But the day was not yet down, for we had some very legal 50/50 gambling to be played..

Exhibit I: Vibe Check


Light Brigade Festivities



A group of Oystermen had the honour of being invited to run two-up at our wonderful sponsor pub The Light Brigade Hotel this past Sunday. An invitation to not only partake in ANZAC Day traditions, but to facilitate and educate for all those in attendance, was a proud and defining moment for our young club.

Still buoyed by our clinical performance the day before, Club President Toby took to the ring like an Oyster to salt and/or brackish water, leading the charge and whipping the swelling and boisterous crowd into a frenzy. The other men kept the momentum up right throughout the afternoon, with special mention to resident Oyster DJ Harrison Dormer, doing his best Bruce Buffer impersonation at one stage.

However, eyes were firmly locked not on the UFC octagon but rather the two-up ring, as the calls of ‘NEW SPINNER’ echoed throughout the front bar and the exchanging of short-term 50/50 stakes between patrons and Oysters alike flowed well into the afternoon. It’s even believed that flyhalf Sam Wood now owns the deeds to a certain patron’s property titles, such was the velocity of funds being transferred.

It was a privilege to be able to run this event for our friends at the Light Brigade, and well done to all men involved. We can’t wait until next year!

Exhibit J: Angus ‘Mandela’ McClelland “I HAVE A DREAM”




With a new year, we have the chance to bring on some new sponsors as we look to continue building our bonds within the community. We thank you for your commitment to the 2021 season and look forward to seeing you down at our games. We know that 2020 was a tough year for everyone and appreciate the support. There is simply no way we would be able to have the kit, equipment or ground hire without the valued contribution of our sponsors and for that we are grateful.


Season Schedule


Exhibit K: Got ‘em


Exhibit L: Come on Down to Lyne


Exhibit M: Up2 Oysters


As always, have a fantastic week, go the Oysters, and above all, SHUCK ‘EM!


Sydney Harbour Rugby Club