Quick Sticks - We’re six from six!

Quick Sticks - We’re six from six!

Round 6 v Renegades 

To all our beloved sponsors, parents, friends, supporters, doctors, sports physiotherapists, team psychologists, coaches, Max from the Light Brigade and all the Weather reporters who follow our footy club  … we’re BACK for the 8th edition of the 2022 Circular. 

The great American poet and 1962 Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck once wrote: "What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness…”

Exhibit A: John Steinbeck, an avid Oyster & Pearl lover

As the Oysters settled into the first week of June, truer words have never been spoken, as it’s become clear by the goosebumps forming on our skin every Thursday, that the Autumn rains have stopped and the winter chills have truly set in. For our readers North of Tweed who are blessed with Summer heat all year round, let me inform you of a little weather report from the Harbour city. It’s f@cking cold. Long gone are twilight training sessions where a graceful heat would lick the back of our necks. Instead the Oysters trudge to Barracluff Park every Thursday and embrace the frosts of Winter.

Often considered a Summer indulgence, you would be surprised to learn that when shucked in the colder months of winter, Oysters tend to have a firmer texture and a bright briny flavour. Translated into Rugby terms, these are the months where our team becomes stronger and our smiles shine even brighter, for nothing bonds a team together like a true Thursday heater session.

This week the Oysters were pounced upon at training by Coach Wiv, who decided it was time to gasp our lungs with cold crisp air, run the boots off our feet and get us truly match fit for some formidable games ahead. A tough, grueling session which featured Broncos, Coat hangers and more burpees than a Lemonade factory, the Oysters this week were completely whipped into shape. 

Exhibit B: Coach Wiv, Our Oyster Overlord 

Another great writer, George R.R. Martin once said "Nothing burns like the cold…” and for once I disagree with him. Going by the belly size of poor George, it’s safe to say he has never felt the burning wrath of Coach Wiv screaming at the boys to give another 10% on top of the previously dished out 110%, during a hellfire session of cardiovascular endurance. Feeling fit and ready to rip, the Oysters were warm and ready to take on another woolly mammoth sized task, going head to head this week with Renegade Rugby for our illustrious Sponsors Day!


A crisp, clear and cool afternoon greeted the wider Oyster community last Saturday afternoon, as we welcomed the Renegades to Sponsor’s Day down at Woollahra Oval. The term ‘day for it’ gets thrown around a lot these days, and Saturday was no exception, with a high density of ‘perfect arvo for Oyster footy’ observed in the Rose Bay area. 

Exhibit C: DAY FOR IT!

Many thanks must firstly go to all the brave souls on freight ships across the globe. After putting the call through to our contacts in the industry (yes we are still in the market for an Official Shipping and Logistics Partner) our Canterbury training kit was prioritised above all goods in the Port of Shanghai, and arrived beautifully in time for Sponsor’s Day. This stunning new kit shone in the afternoon Woollahra sun, emblazoned with all of our sponsor logos. 

Exhibit D: How good do our sponsors look in White, Blue and Pink!

I digress and onto the game. We started the fixture with spirit and intent, with the flair of the Harlem Globetrotters but possibly without the patience in execution that is required in rugby union. There are no slam dunks or alley oops in rugby, however we were doing our best to incorporate these manoeuvres into the game. All in all we had a first 20 minutes to forget, as we looked to play expansively and at times with reckless abandon. 

The coaching staff gave some considered words from the sideline, and the first time that the Oysters held the ball for over 3 phases, resulted in James Manns breaking through and diving over for our first five-pointer of the afternoon. This would be our goal for the rest of the game: considered expansiveness but ultimately respect for the ball and possession. 

Exhibit E: Second Rower J. Rickard Slicing through the renegades defence. Thankyou to Easts for the #ShuckEm shoutout on the scoreboard  

The forwards would be the foundation of this success, and some strong running from Sam Brennan and numerous carries from Lachy Argiris, kick-started our momentum. In much the same fashion as the first try, we marched up the field and slung it out to our backline, with Jack Remond running hard at the line with the ball in two hands and crashing over. 

After letting the Renegades score one of the softest tries in the history of the sport, we began to really shift through the gears and get into our work. Justin Warton was the beneficiary of some slick hands on the left hand side, with David Robertson slotting a beautiful conversion in front of the Oysters faithful and the social media team from the sideline (check out @oysters.rugby on Instagram for more). 

Exhibit F: Slotted it! Fullback D. Robertson splits the uprights from the sideline 

It was then to become a day for the backs, with each of the starting backline scoring. After a slick try from Roy Harrison and Mannsie collecting his double, we went into the half 27 - 7. 

Exhibit G: Double me up Mannsie. Inside Center J. Manns finding space for his second. 

Then, after the break, David Robertson scored a beautiful breakaway try after recollecting a kick that fell out of the hands of the Renegades fullback, the hard deck of Andrew Petrie Oval causing nightmares at the back. Daniel Bottrell then completely bamboozled the opposition from 10m out, breaking the collective ankles of about 4 Renegades players before diving over in the corner. James Read then finished off a lovely backline sweep some minutes later, to complete the ‘every backline player multi.’ 

Exhibit H: Outside Centre D. Bottrell doing his best Michael Jordan Space Jam arm stretch impersonation 

Oyster W: 53 - 21. 

All in all a lovely day down at Woollahra Oval. Huge thanks to all who came down, in particular our wonderful sponsors. We have a week off for the Queen, and then have three tough fixtures back to back. 

Exhibit I: Winger J. Read ensuring we have some ready made Oyster recruits for 2040

Up Next 

  • 11th June: Queen's Birthday Weekend. No Games for the Oysters 
  • 18th June: Oysters v Merrylands at Holroyd Sports Ground
  • 25th June: Oysters v Redfield Old Boys at Redfield College
  • 2nd July: PEARLS’ DAY (LADIES DAY) v Epping @ Woollahra #1 Oval

Exhibit J: Pearls' day. Tickets on sale soon! 

McLean Cup Ladder

Exhibit K: Oysters on Top(where else) heading into the June Long Weekend Break 


 Thank you to all our sponsors who come down and enjoyed our annual sponsors day. You're generous support is incredibly appreciated and allows our great club to operate and flourish. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year.